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Thread: HDD not recognized after

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    HDD not recognized

    So... I updated waninkokos cIOS 249 from rev17 to rev20 to play Black Ops and I forgot to disconnect the GameCube memory and my HDD. After that, I tested it and it worked flawlessly.
    (As a background my HDD "suffers" from spindown issues), I was playing normally (Rune Factory Frontier) but it made the spindown-thing. Then, as always, I had to turn off my Wii to start again Wiiflow and play the game. But when I selected the WiiFlow channel, it told me to plug on the HDD. I reconnected it and reseted the Wii, like, 10 times; just to get the same result.

    I also tested it in Configurable USB Loader and Neogamma (from HBC) and I got the same results. Someone knows what is going on? My HDD is an Adata Classis CH94 500GB and is WBFS.

    Thanks a lot for your help (:
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    same here

    I have the same problem, first it recognized when i plugged it, i run mario party 8 with wiiflow, and it kept loading endlessly
    i use the same drive adata ch94 500gb, but with FAT32 format...


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