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Thread: Force Unleashed problem

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    Force Unleashed problem

    I just downloaded and burned Star Wars Force Unleashed and it loaded right up the first time and I was able to play problem free for about 3 hours. When I tried to play the game today I had to remove and re-insert the disc about 5 times before it actually read and after about 30 minutes of playing I got a black screen that says "the game disc coudl not be read. refer to the Wii operations manual for details." Is this because of a bad burn? I have about 9 other games that work flawlessly on the same media using the same program to burn the .iso and the same speed was used in the same disc drive for all the games.

    Cliffs: Burned Force Unleashed, played fine for 3 hours, next day played for 30 minutes and game just stopped playing. Is this a bad burn or something else?

    Thanks for your help! Oh yeah and sorry if this is in the wrong section, if it is can a mod please move it?

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    what dvd brand are you using? i would verbatim dvd-r inkjet printable.
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    I'm using Memorex dvd+r. I have read the recommended brand and whatnot but I got a spool of 100 from a friend for free so I used those and it has worked for the 9 or so other games i've burned.

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    So is this game a single layer, or a dual layer?

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    get Homebrew channel, and force boot it in gecko OS

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    get Homebrew channel, and force boot it in gecko OS

    And that will tell me if it is a DL or SL?

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    if it works, then just keep doing it like that, if not it will give a error and not work, which means its the disc

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiffX View Post
    So is this game a single layer, or a dual layer?
    Its a single layer disc.

    I would recommend trying to reburn with imgburn at 4x. using better media is the best thing to do, its possible your wii laser is straining to read the memorex discs you have and has caused it to get worse overtime. Or it could just be that particular disc.
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    At 4x? I thought it was best to burn at the lowest speed...i've been burning them at 1x
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    sometimes it only works higher

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