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Thread: File size on fat 32 hdd

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    File size on fat 32 hdd

    I have decided to change from wbfs to fat 32. however it seems that when usinf a fat 32 system each game takes up over 4gig and i cant get as many games on. is there a way round this thanks

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    i use wii game manager and split the game
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    yes if the game is larger than 4gb it will split the game so it will still fit and work perfectly, but wii backup manager get rid of all unnecessary data so most games are smaller the 4gb anyway
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    Yeah what robgee said. The games on FAT32 do not take up more room then if they were on WBFS (slightly less actually).

    Very few games are actually over 4GB and even if they are, they auto split so nothing to worry about.
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