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Thread: update issues

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    update issues

    Unfortunately im an idiot and left wiiconnect24 on and my wii from 1 night went from ver. 3.4E to 4.1E, i dont know why it didn't go to 4.3 but oh well. Now none of my original games work and neither does my burned disks worked via Neogamma. Can i uninstall HBC and BootmiiIOS and restore system memory then update to 4.3? Because im having issues ever since i tried to softmod my wii.

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    The wii will ALWAYS ask you to confirm an update. And an online update would make your Wii 4.3

    What is more likely is that you have updated from a disc.

    You will need to follow the softmod guide in my sig. You do NOT want to update to 4.3.

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    im at chapter 2 of the tutorial and im verifying updatepack.md5 and its given me several errors is that ok?

    last question ive done the tutorial now but my original games that i have bought are still not able to be read. PLease help
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    Please do not bump your thread within a 24 hour period and ask all relevant questions in the guide you are following.

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    Had a simular problem with a wii key 2 fitted, I removed the drive and tried a drive i knew worked fine and it booted games gr8, put old drive back in and that then worked fine, had this problem with two wii's both working now, may work for you !


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