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Thread: catalog of installed ios / rev

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    catalog of installed ios / rev

    Is there some app or method out there to get a list of what IOS and rev you have installed on your wii? I'm trying to figure out what I might need to update, etc and can't seem to find anything that will generate a list for me. Ideally, something would dump the list to a text file on the sd card, but I guess I'm already hoping for a lot...

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    Your not hoping for a lot, something that does that is available, just search syscheck or go to and get it there. I have syscheck GX and run in everytime before and after I change something, it always comes in handy when something isn't working after you changed something.

    If you need help with it, just post it here.

    Grtz and Merry Christmas

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    Running it now!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!!!


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