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Thread: Wiikey V2 help please

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    Exclamation Wiikey V2 help please

    Hello Iíve just ordered my Wiikey V2 and before I install anything I have a few questions.

    Is it safe to update my wii firmware Via Nintendo update with the Wiikey V2 installed and enabled/disabled?

    Would updating my wii with Wiikey V2 instilled brick my Wii?

    Can I browse the internet using the internet channel with the Wiikey V2 installed?

    Can I access the Shop and Mii channel online with the Wiikey V2 instilled?

    To access the shop channel and other online Nintendo channel I would need to update to the latest Wii firmware would this Brick my wii or damage the Wiikey V2?

    Is there any way to disable the Wiikey V2?

    Would the Wiikey V2 enable me to load my backup using the Disc channel?

    Can I play my backups online?

    Would the Wiikey V2 enable my wii to play DVD movies?

    Please try to answer my questions and thank you for your help.

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    the main purpose of the wii key and any toehr modchip is to play backups, and for the dvd thing, the msot i can say is put on in and see if it can read wouldnt hurt the wii, when i first got my wii i put dvd in and it did nothing, so just see wat happens that the ost help i can give.

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    You can do anything with the wiikey 2 that you could do on an unmodded wii.

    You should do updates from the game disc though and only from your region.
    That is the one thing I recommend.

    I don't know anything about the wii playing DVD movies.

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    its safe, but not wise



    yes, uninstalling it or installing a switch DONT ASK -.-

    its like that default =\



    -.- search next time, all of this is basic knoledge

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    So, in order to perform a system update on a wii that has wiikey2 installed, you would have to physically disable (disconnect) the modchip to avoid having a $250 paperweight?

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    You can preform a system update with the chip installed. Just make sure you install a same region update. IE, do NOT update your NTSC console with a PAL game update.

    If you insert a newer game into your Wii and it asks you to update, as long as the game you have in there is from the same region your Wii is from, you are good to go.

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    I have a Wiikey 2-installed Korean Wii with v3.3 Firmware and have read that completely installing the update from the USA MarioKart will give the Wii the required IOS to run TP hack using Zelda NTSC-J. I read that this will work WITHOUT bricking the Wii, even though the MarioKart is a different region. Do you know if this is verifiable?

    Thanks for your time,



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