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    I having trouble with DLC (Downloadable Content). On Just Dance 2, when I click on "Download Songs" it says "Notice! No content is currently being distributed for purchase or re-download." Same thing happens when I try to update Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    I had Wii System Menu version 4.3u, and I just downgraded to 4.1u. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If it were just me I would re-update. to get the stuff.

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    But it would remove homebrew, and when I had 4.3, the problem was the same.

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    Suggestion: use your original discs. We don't support DLC, as ultimately it amounts to piracy in terms of circumventing it. If you don't own the original, you shouldn't be doing this. And Black Ops has its own guide.


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