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Thread: Games Do not load

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    Games Do not load

    I had a Perfectly working Soft mod until the wife decided she wanted Netflix on the Wii and was told to update the Shop channel which Also updated the System menu to 4.3.

    So i followed mauifrog's guide to re soft mod Still had HBC and i rolled back to SM4.1

    Here is my Current System Check


    Now the Problem is Almost all Games Freeze on Loading or at some point right after the Start.

    Off the top of my head
    Call of Duty Black ops Gets to First Loading Screen After the Zapper screen
    call of Duty Modern warfare Same thing
    Wii Sports Resort Freeze at any Game start

    I know call of Duty Black ops Needs cIOS224[57]-v5.1 which i am installing as i type

    I changed To fat32 Hard drive wd my passport wdbacy5000abk Which is Compatible according to the Thread on compatibility.

    i am Currently Transferring every thing over to my old drive again to see if the Drive is causing the Problem

    anyone have any ideas or am i on the right track?

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    There a reason why you're asking this out-of-thread? Since you followed his guide, the query should go in it --- not YAT (Yet Another Thread). Please re-ask in the guide. And for the love of god, install Priiloader this time.


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