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Thread: wii disc issues

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    Smile wii disc issues

    All right, Ive done this hack several times with different wiis and has work for me every time.... except now... This is the tutorial:

    The thing is everything looks fine (I have the hbc, back up loader, usb loader and usb config channels) but when I insert my back up disc it doesn't appear on disc channel (when all other wiis Ive done appear) neither runs on back up says "disc read error 1167" in neogamma.. I dont know if it has something to do with cios. Could someone pls help.

    Im using memorex and sony dvd-r dics.

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    Your Wii is most likely to new to play backups games from DVD. You will have to use a USB drive. Enter your serial number here. If it returns a D3-2 or D4 then it is definitely to new.

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    Not to mention, Memorex discs are JUNK. We tell users over and over again to no avail: Verbatim DVD-R (avoid the "Life" series though) or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R. Krafter is correct though; if your Wii is a little bit over a year old or newer, it'll have a D3-2 or D4 board which means the optical drive won't play backups. You're still left with USB HD, of course (which is superior anyway).

    Also if further issues, post within the guide you cited; there's absolutely no reason to start YAT (Yet Another Thread), period.

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