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Thread: USB Loader GX [Ripping Games]

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    Exclamation USB Loader GX [Ripping Games]

    Hello everyone;

    I just wanted to share my quick problem to the community. I currently have USB Loader GX, and it is the latest release. The program is working wonders, I can play my games with no problems at all.

    I do have a problem that is related to the release itself though; I currently have a backup copy of my Mario Kart Wii game. I really wanna rip it to my library for easy and quick playback.

    I press the '+' button on the left of the screen, and it says 'Install a Game?'; I click yes, and it just returns me to the main screen. I have tried several things to get it to work, such as inserting the game before and after I click the install; but nothing happens.

    Note that this is the latest release of the program, so there may be a few people with a similar problem. It would be excellent if someone were to help me solve this problem, as I would love to backup my game on my HDD.

    I apologize if this is a dumb question, and I hope not to annoy anyone.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ignore my post, because I have fixed it after some time of fiddling around.

    To those with the same problem, just stay at the main menu, and insert your disk. You will be prompted to install or mount it, and then just click install.
    It will work its magic, and the backup works great.

    Please moderators, just delete this post, as it has no use anymore.

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    I'll just close the thread


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