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Thread: Weird installing problem on various USB loaders

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    Weird installing problem on various USB loaders


    I've been using this site for around 2+ years now and every problem I've had so far I've managed to fix by reading through the guides etc, so thanks...

    but.... now I'm having a weird problem with installing games to HDD.

    Good news--->If I use Wii backup manager to convert an iso file into wbfs file and transfer onto the HDD (WD Elements 1TB) then the games run perfectly (with WiiFlow, USB Loader GX and CFG USB Loader) using cios 249 rev20.

    Bad news---> If I try to install a game disc to HDD directly using any of the loaders then the game will not load no matter which usb loader I'm using, hmmmm... any ideas? WiiFlow is dumping with an "exception dsi error" and so is CFG USB loader.

    If you need any more details just let me know, cheers.

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    And if you use cIOS 249 Rev 17? I've got mine setup as WBFS; you may have to be Rev 19 or 20 for Fat32, I can't recall. You've mentioned the HD, not the actual format (FAT32, I suspect)? You follow the wiihacks guide on HD setup?

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    Not Tried rev 17 as most of the recent posts recommended rev 20 for fat32 drives (as you guessed).

    The discs will even play through neogamma so I'm stumped at why they won't install to hdd using the loaders

    Yeah, I used the hdd setup guide so formatted in fat 32 and set to primary and active
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