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Thread: please help or i will I throw my wii to the trash

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    please help or i will I throw my wii to the trash


    how are u doing guys hope to be fine,

    the story beginning since 6 months, when i tried to hack my wii so i can play copy games, after some steps my wii's software crashed!

    i can't even Access to the Wii main menu,

    when i running my wii i got this screen watch the Image below):

    and when i trying to enter one of these option i getting this message:

    and then the wii crashed and freezing in this message

    thats it i can't play game and i can't even Access to the main wii menu!

    please guys i need help or i will throw my wii to the trash cus it's will never work

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    wiihacks does not support piracy
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    I don't see the piracy. We've all modified our Wiis to play copied games in some form.

    This thread might be of use.

    I've never bricked so I'm definitely not an expert on the subject nor can I help with my own knowledge. I just know that thread exist and kind of sounds like your problem.

    This thread should probably be in the brick section and maybe one of the brick experts can help if the thread I linked you to doesn't work out.
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    the thread darkcide linked is the one you want
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    Exactly the thread this user needs, indeed. Moved to the bricked section of the site (where it should've been posted to start with, lol).

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    Thank u guys very much and special thanks for Darkcide666 it's realy helped me.


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