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    Unhappy brick

    hello every body!
    my i completly bricked:
    -the wii don't read DVD (? on the screen when i try a DVD)
    -the wii don t read card in card reader (when i try the screen is blocked)
    -i can t access to the parametre
    -the caratere are in japan language

    what can i do to obtein a correctly wii please?

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    Moved to the bricked section of the site. As a first post, this won't tell anyone enough information to assist you. System Menu/region of Wii? BootMii installed? If so, boot2 install or IOS? What were you doing or what did you do (example: accept an out of region update)? Do you have Priiloader installed? All sorts of information like that -- no one on this site is a mind reader.

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    thank for your response.
    no i don t installed anything on the wii and i don t modified the mother board(chip)


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