I hope someone can point me in the right direction with this because i've wasted so many blank dvds its unreal. Anyway, I've soft modded my wii as like in the guide on this site and all was working well. I previously soft modded via a guide on youtube but coz i was always getting black screens i remodded using the guide on here which was fine. Now all my backups before burnt using Imgburn and admittedly DVD+ worked but because my harddrive on my laptop is getting full i need to start making backups but each time i do i get error messages on my wii with error codes. All point to incorrect IOS which i've checked with pimp my wii and sorted out via that way but still keep on getting error messages. Anyone else had this trouble? I can't burn DVD- because the drive on my laptop only burns + so kind of swaying towards a new USB burner but don't want to fork out the money if it ain't going to make a difference.