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Thread: USB loader GX hangs

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    Unhappy USB loader GX hangs

    Hello everybody

    I have a Wii (unfortunately I didn't knew before you could softmod it) with 4.3 e, I managed to softmod it however, when I try to load a backup game from my usb hard disk the whole system hangs. Does anyone has any idea how can I resolve this issue? In case you ask I tried other USB loader too and the result was the same.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    is your hard drive on the compatability list as working?
    there is a guide in my signature for usb loading FAT32
    there is a guide in my signature for cfg loader
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    Honestly it didn't work on any of ny hds and I bought an 8 gb kinston usb it worked more than OK. Thanks a Million


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