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Thread: No Netflix Channel on Wii Shop - Fixed

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    No Netflix Channel on Wii Shop - Fixed

    I have a 4.1 softmod and I used Krank's Shopping Channel Update guide to get the Netflix channel but once I got there - no Netflix channel.
    I finally found that my Netflix was set to Mexico in the Country settings.
    Once I set it to United States all was well and I was able to get the Netflix channel to show up on the Shopping Channel. Thought I would post this here in case someone else happens to run into the same thing and searches for help.
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    I was wondering where to get the Netflix channel since my Wii is asking to update in order to us the Shop Channel.. But im having a difficult time using the Kranks shopping channel.. Any tips?

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    What problem are you having with the guide? Its very easy to do, download the two wads and install with wad manager.

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    Might Try again

    With the shopping channel updated per Krank's instructions it should not ask you to update.
    I'm still using 3.4 which is why I updated the shopping channel through WAD manager.
    After that I was able to jump into the shopping channel and download the netflix channel without any
    updates. If it's still asking you to update then I would go back to Krank's tutorial and try again
    following them to the letter.

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    I followed it to a T and I can't find the wad manager.

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