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    I have recently bought a uk pal wii with wiikey installed. one of my flat mates tried wii music backup and updated the wii. Take it the backup was NTSC as it went a little crazy. I think he has 1/2 bricked the wii becasue you can no longer get into the settings menu (comes up with a webpage now). Homebrew channel, older backups and originals still work but so settings menu.
    It was currently using 1.9s

    Im still pretty new to the wii scene to sorry if this is a simple thing.
    Any ideas on how to fix?


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    update to a higher in region firmware
    download dupe channel remover
    make sure you download from safe places

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    so i take it i update to wii firmware 3.4

    I have found the dupe channel remover but as for the firmware update... still looking for that. any ideas on trusted sites?

    Thank You

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    to add to last post. Cannot find a wii update to 3.4 although there is alot of posts about it. I have downloaded the wiikey disks to get them to latest just the wii firmware that is elusive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilradish View Post
    just the wii firmware that is elusive!
    If your wii is able to connect to the internet update the the wii over the net?


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