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Thread: Call of duty OPs

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    Call of duty OPs

    Some of my friend has mod a wii to my son. Everything was good on some of games. Last week We bought a Call of Duty black Ops for him. However, the system is asking him to run an update everytime he wants to connect to the internet in order to play with people online. We are a couple who does not know anything about games .. that would be a great appreciated if some expert could help us how to fix this. our Wii version is 4.3U

    Thanks you so much for!!!!

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    well, there's a call of duty black ops guide
    you need to install priiloader and block updates
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    If you are talking about the update prompt from within the multiplayer menu itself then the update is fine to accept. As mentioned read the black ops guide.

    Username is referring to the system menu update which you should never accept.

    Thread closed, if you need more help ask in the guide after reading it.
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