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Thread: priiloader on softmodded wii 4.2, please help

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    priiloader on softmodded wii 4.2, please help

    so i have my wii soft modded b4 i read a good guide on here

    i have done the following

    installed homebrew channel.

    used the safe update to 4.2 and updated (done this when 4.2 was the latest software to avoid the disc system update worked fine but not now we have 4.3)

    installed CIOSrev14

    neo gamma r7

    ran drop-ios and choose ios70

    installed wii flow

    now evething works 100% loading from hdd

    but when i go play "wii party" from an orginal disc (chritmas present) it is asking me to do a system update

    obviously don't wanna do that.

    i know nothing about priiloader, is this what i need to install in order to play the game and by pass the system update.
    i have tryed to install it with no success

    please help!!

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    yes, priiloader can block updates
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    thanks for the quick replys lads,

    is baffling me abit.

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    i have down loaded the Hacks.ini all
    what am i ment to do with it?

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    It tells you in the guide. Oh, and since you've been made aware of the guide --- further inquires go in said guide.


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