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Thread: Sonic Colors issue

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    Sonic Colors issue

    I read the Sonic Colours guide, but it didn't seem to address my issue.

    Before asked, I did the 4.3 mod guide, use CFG Loader with all the proper patches. All my games play properly, save for this one.

    The sonic game does in fact start, it goes through the song and video of sonic and the whisps after loading...then when I click A to load the game, the little dancing whisp that indicates a busy state appears...and that's it. I either have to rest the system, or if it's frozen, pull the plug and reboot that way.

    Any one else experience this? I tried the aforementioned guide, but it didn't make a difference.


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    You should have posted this is the guide instead of creating another thread. Bad rip/dump/burn.

    Try again with Cfg USB Loader v60. from your original disc. If you need more help after trying that then ask in the guide please.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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