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Thread: SoftModded Wii 4.2U. working but want to re-do and update HBC and others

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    SoftModded Wii 4.2U. working but want to re-do and update HBC and others

    Ok well my situation is pretty simple. I had a guy from my workplace Softmod my Wii nearly a year ago. I'm not 100% sure of everything he used to do it

    What I DO know is what I have as of right now.
    I have The Homebrew Channel (visible on WII menu and Working)
    I have USB Loader GX
    I have WiiFlow
    I have a Channel named Wii Softchip Loader (R100) (I have no idea what it does exactly)
    I use WiiBackupChannel Neogamma Edition (R8 beta 15, IOS249 (Rev 14)

    What happened is that I actually SoftModded my mother's Wii last weeks. The finish product is of better quality *Only usefull channel and the menu, having a clean backup (which I don't have as of right now with my own Wii), and having the different program running on their latest updates.*

    Now that I know how to do it I would like to re-do the Softmodding on my own Wii for a couple of reason
    A) Want to update everthing (Wad Manager, HBC, Neogamma, an USB loader for External Hard Drive and everything else that I do need.)
    B) Want to have a Clean Backup of my Wii
    C) Want to set up everything for the External Hard Drive (which as of right now I don't have, don't use and don't own but I'm having problem with my DVD getting more and more error on start-up (probly due to the fact that Wii is getting old and that the DVD reader is starting to have trouble reading the disc (even more when it is backup which are obviously of lower quality than the Original Nintendo Disc).
    D) Want to set up my System Menu in a way that useless Channel are simply not created and that what I do use (Emulation for SNes, Neogamma and soon USB Loader) are all available from the Menu instead of having to go through the HomeBrew Channel.

    Well now that my situation, what I want to do and how my Wii is currently set up here is what I would like to know. (A) Safe Backup, B) Updated Program C) Make everything work for an External Hard Drive D) Having my Channel set up properly in my Menu).

    I did find a Tutorial on how to *Virginize* your Wii on this Forum. But people are saying it that virginize a Wii to re-SoftMod it is pretty stupid. That comment is probly true and making sense but do I really have another option? If I do it would be greatly appreciated if someone could actually point me toward either different Tutorial to make it work or explain directly to me what I have to do. And well if my only option is to follow the *Virginize your Wii Tutorial* on this site and then re-start from scratch some advice (I did read the Brick Prevention post) to make sure I don't do anything stupid would be nice.

    Thanks ahead for your time / answer it is greatly appreciated to find a place where people seem to give some of their time and knowledge to new users like myself and excuse me for my less than perfect English trying to do the best I can.
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    use the any wii guide in my sig that will update your wii

    and a HDD guide in my sig aswell
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    Thanks alot for the quick answer / link. Everything has now been done (and I do think everything has been done alright) but I now have a new problem.

    Everything has been set up and I have about 30 Games installed on my HDD and making thing work with USB LOaders GX. Couple of them just don't work. I open USB Loader GX, start the game and they freeze on a black screen. Simple bad Install? Or something more to it.

    Game that aren't working
    Mario Party 8
    Mario Kart Wii
    Super Mario Galaxy (((while Galaxy 2 is working perfectly)
    Wii Sports (Wii Play / Wii Fit are both working perfectly)
    Twilight Princess

    Everything else is working perfectly (Even the newest game ((GoldenEye for exemple)) I just had to place the Error 002 Fix for those newer game but I'm lost for the 5 I listed higher that just won't load.

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    scrap usb loader GX there is a guide in my sig for cfg loader its much better and stable
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