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Thread: Troubleshooting WAD installation

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    Troubleshooting WAD installation

    I've got the HBC installed, and I've got a bunch of WAD files I was told to install. When I attempt to install them all at once, all 19 fail. The tutorial I used said if this happens, install them one at a time. They each still fail. Any ideas why? I used the Super Smash hack to install it, I've got firmware 4.3U and here's a link to the tutorial I used last.


    Am I better off removing everything and starting from scratch using a tutorial from this site?
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    Probably.... you should use the 4.3 guide on here to mod.... it's almost impossible to go back and figure out what other people have wrote or what they were thinking. Well ok, not impossible at all, but still, you should follow the guide on here to get a rock solid mod going.

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    wiihacks does not support outside guide. It has its own guides and supports those.
    As the above user stated, use the 4.3 softmod guide.

    If you haven't already, head on over and post an intro in the introductions forum
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