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Thread: Wii semi bricked - no system menu

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    Wii semi bricked - no system menu

    I have a bud that semi bricked his wii. He is using a Wiikey and can not find out his system menu.

    When he clicks on wii settings, it just goes to a opera site saying not found.

    I told him that he applied a foreign update to his wii. That was my best guess. Told him a few ways to fix it, but does not want to. They seem to hard

    Now one of his games that never asked for a update, is asking now.

    I told him that he needs to update his wii and that the wiikey is safe up to a 3.4 update. But I don't think Sonic and Sega all stars racing came with a update.

    What the hell do I tell the mate!

    His original goal was to go from WiiKey to a Softmod. But he can't, cause we have no idea what system menu he has..... thanks to a update that was not in his region.


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    You can find out the system menu by using SaveMiiFrii. Once you know that then you can softmod and reinstall the corect system menu.

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    Also, the Wiikey is fine on any system menu, 4.2 and 4.3 region free wont work tho.


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