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    Sorry I've been M.I.A. for a couple of days. I had what was probably the weirdest hard drive failure ever. I've been using EXT4 for quite a while now. I know EXT3 is more reliable but I prefer some of EXT4's advantages. I still use EXT2 for my /boot. Anyways I woke up Sunday morning and was having a few weird random unexplainable errors with Firefox so I figured a reboot was in order. So I rebooted and was greeted with a message that /home wouldn't mount. I tried everything I could think to manually recover and mount it to no avail. I booted to a live disc and opened GParted to learn that somehow the EXT4 file system I used was no longer there (probably corrupted somehow) and my drive was now an unknown format. I also had a swap partition on the drive that magically disappeared. I had to reformat the drive and lose everything on it in the process. I'm back up and running now but I lost almost a TB worth of data and I'm still installing and tweaking things so my activity on the site while at home may be limited for the next few days. In the process I also lost the original copy of my MAME compatibility list (luckily I have a backup) and another guide I was working on but I can easily duplicate my text and most of the pics for it were already online. Oh well....Everything can be replaced. I took the time to upgrade my OS while I was at it and now I think I have enough room on my PC to store my games while I switch my Wii's HDD to FAT instead of WBFS so I guess some good came out of it all.
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    I know your pain, happened to me once too. I had an encrypted /home partition (Ubuntu) and the upgrade shouldn't have been a problem, but something went wrong and I lost everything (I suppose the alternate install cd was the problem). I learned two lessons:
    1. Don't encrypt your /home directory, if you need encryption, use TrueCrypt.
    2. Always make back-ups (although I have to admit the last back-up was some time ago :P)

    Anyway, good luck restoring your data!
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    My pc hdd crashed too. I downloaded something, installed it (or did something, this happened like 6 months ago), then the icons on my desktop started disappearing in groups.
    Luckily, Windows wasn't deleted...

    Good luck geting your stuff back
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    it did seem quite peaceful lol, but good to have you back mate i had similar problems a few weeks ago

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