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Thread: where do usb loader gx settings save ??

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    where do usb loader gx settings save ??

    i have a problem with usb loader gx it was working fine till i tryed to play prince of percia
    it didnt work!! looking on the net i found someone who sed to change game load setting to ios 222 thats when things went bad now it wont work at all iv tryed to uninstall it and reinstall it but it comes back the same the only way i can get it to work is with a hbc gx loader so i have to have the sd card in at all times where as before i didnt. i have even formatted the wii hoping it will get rid of the gx loader files it didnt!! still the same thing

    is there a file in the wii i can delete that will let me do a complete reinstall of usb loader gx?
    i no the usb loader gx files are not gone cuz i updated the usb loader after installing it and when i now install the old version its still updated

    plz help its anoying the hell out of me as it wont play half of my games now

    i even went as far as to reload the hole wii system with the dopmii hand backup save i did before softmoding it still same problem

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    Your post kind of confuses me and I'm still kind of questioning what you did and are trying to do. To answer the question in the title.

    GxGlobal.cfg - Your main GX options.
    GXGameSettings.cfg - Individual game settings like which cIOS to use when launching.
    GXGameCount.cfg - Play count, favorites, database info.
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