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Thread: Help please.. wiikey2 blink blue but no disc load.. :(

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    Help please.. wiikey2 blink blue but no disc load.. :(

    I just bought the wiikey2.. and when i put in the update disc from or any of my pre burn games that i dl from sites.. it doesnt load.. but my regular games does..

    and i opened the wii up and see if the clip is working.. and i believe it does cuz there's blue light on the chip blink once then it stops.. and now im leaving it opened for help..

    i bought the wiikey2 solderless with the wiiclip.. from Canadamod..

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    firmware number
    what discs exactly

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    USA Region** - bz2 tarball - 100KiB - md5: ab6b6528c41582d69ba007d5e257a87

    thats all i know.. i just copy and paste it off Resources :: Wiikey

    i have a D2E chip .. i found out cuz i looked inside..

    my wii is ntsc
    i use alcohol but it doesnt work.. so i use imgburn... x4 speed.. to burn out the wii update disc.. and i just got my wii updated with homebrew chanel thing.. the lastest one.. and i use a DvD to burn my cd.. if i use the wrong cd am i supost to buy the right one..? i just use the one that work when i burn movies..
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    and i opened the wii up and see if the clip is working.. and i believe it does cuz there's blue light on the chip blink once then it stops.. QUOTE]

    If it's working correctly the red and blues led's should both flash once when you power the Wii up.


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    oh of course it did.. but what am i doing wrong..? i have no disc load..

    it wont recognize my the CDs i put in..

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    Try using another DVD-R brand. I heard verbatim works quite well at 4x speed. I personally use Sony, though. I can burn at 16x and the discs are recognized and read by my wii with no problem whatsoever.

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    so this could be the cd problem..? ill try to borrow my friend's burn game to see if it work... i been tryiing my own burn game only.. and i thought the cd load no matter what..

    so what's are the best programs to use to burn these games..? i got imgburn, alcohol, poweriso, nero 8,

    whats the best setting..?

    whats the best cd brand..?

    i dont want to waste too much cds..

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    I use Verbatim -R, burn at 4x with imgburn

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    Are you games 4.37 GB in size? If not, that could be your problem.

    If they are, the best media to use IMHO are Verbatim DVD-R. Burn at 4x with ImgBurn.

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    this chip was not purchased from us FYI, you may have asked us questions and decided to go with the chip from our support, but you didnt actually purchase it from us.

    Please take a picture of the chip/clip, front and back and inside of the clip.

    We will still try to help you, but you should also contact the vendor you purchased it from MCC.

    Even if using bad media it should still show up , just dre when you try to load it.
    However its still advisable to try a different brand. use imgburn and burn at 4x.
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