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Thread: Problem playing Arc Fantasia us version

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    Problem playing Arc Fantasia us version

    Hey all
    Ive just started playing Arc Fantasia and after a while, i get this freeze screen when Lárc and his friend is about to rescue a mercenary.
    Ive read about that i need to install ciosx rev20 with ios56 as base on eather slot 249 or 250.
    Now so yall know im a total noob when it comes to knowing what to install or where.
    I tried kopying the ciosx rev20 file on the sd card, but got a big problem cause it said im missing something so i cant even play the games that worked. Earlier i kopied the files that was already in the sd so i got that fixed.

    Can anyone tell me what to do, to play arc without getting the freeze screen?
    where do i put ciosx rev20? shuld i download ios56? Mine is IOS61 v22.30 1.0.7 (have no idea what that is :S)
    any info would be mutch abliged

    Forgot to mention, my wii is softmodded.
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    You are confused, read this.

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    Im a geenious haha ;P I got it working. I Just downloaded the csosx 19, put that one and the file isos57 on the sd card and on homebrew i loaded that file. Just tried it out and it frekaen worked :O yeah i was confused but im getting the hang of this. Thx Stompy for clearing it out for me that i am a confused man

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