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Thread: Backup Gamecube Games ' Disc Read Error'

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    Backup Gamecube Games ' Disc Read Error'

    Wii 4.1e, Neogamma r9 b47

    I've burned a few Backup Gamecube games to a disc using MultigameIso Creator and some of them are working fine, but others arent.

    -Resident Evil 2
    -Mario Kart Double Dash

    These three all start up but then a little while into them it reads "The game dusc could not be read, please read gamecube instruction booklet for more info".

    I'm using Tesco discs to burn them and I'm not to sure about the settings in Neogamma.

    Any Ideas Brothers And Sisters?

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    You get the game to start and then the disc cannot be read, I would say one of two things could be the problem, or both could be the problem.

    1. bad burn
    2. bad media

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    did you fix it? i have the same problem in wind waker and super smash bros..

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