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    Samsung S204N

    Hi lads and ladies I have a Samsung S204N external dvd burner...Just today my wii stopped taking the wii games i.e. Disc goes in but is ejected again. I have wondering is there a way of the dvd burner reading the orignal wii game as I want to make an iso file and transfer it onto an external harddrive thanks

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    Yes there's a way to read them but you need a certain type of dvd rom here's the list of drives that work

    Most the time pick can pick one up off ebay for around $20.00

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    Be aware, some have the same model # but aren't Wii compatible (firmware issue, and I don't mean like you can update/downgrade it; there are other differences internal to the mechanism). Why don't you just replace the Wii optical drive? Save the PCB, it only requires unsoldering at the motor connections I do believe (use it on the newer drive if D3-2 to convert it back to regular backup-capable).


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