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Thread: mod of Triiforce_mrc for sneek/uneek users

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    mod of Triiforce_mrc for sneek/uneek users

    hey guys i been messing around again with uneek+di and hbc 1.07 and Triiforce mrc

    i made a mod that will load the real nand(sneek/uneek nand) in triiforce and you can choose by banner what wii ware game or channel to play

    still working on this so i need to know if it only works for me or if anyone else can get it working

    the file here Sneeky_triiforce_mrc.rar

    just unrar and copy to apps folder

    then start sneek/uneek then start hbc then start my mod

    please let me know something

    sorry forgot to mention when asked about nand select real nand

    Edit source is here sourcecode.rar
    if you want it
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    hey guys just checking to see if anyone has any feedback?


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