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Thread: Gamecube Launcher Channel not playing gc games....

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    Gamecube Launcher Channel not playing gc games....

    Yesterday I bought a gamecube controller so I can finally use my old gamecube games that have been sitting in the corner.... unfortunately a bunch of them are scratched. So I downloaded one of the games I had, Everything or nothing (this is legal cause i own the game) , and i tried it in dolphin(an emulator) to see if it works, and it did. I burned it on to a dvd-r and stuck it in the wii, I went to gamecube backup launcher by wiigator and then a green screen popped up and it went back to the the Health warning screen. I'm on Ios249 R19.... what do I do to get this to work?

    (Note: For the first time I tried GX loader, and that took me to the health screen too. I also went to the Nintendo thing (even though i didnt install darkcorp) and that took me to the health screen)

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    did you load the MIOS that is required for GC backups!!! (Use the Latest Neogamma - Search for my thread with them in there)

    Refer to this thread!!


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