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Thread: video streaming?

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    video streaming?

    i was just wondering if anyone knows about or is working on a way to stream video to the wii over a network. if so, please let me know. because these media players are great and all, but i have a 2Gb sd card, and 150Gb of things i want to watch, and am too lazy to shuffle on and off my card.

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    It would be easier and better quality to get one of those external hard drive cases with built-in media centre (about 25 $36 from ebay, plus hard drive). The Wii isnt the best player, and streaming seems very unlikley.

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    what media player for the wii do you guys recommend?

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    Geebox is good.

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    i didnt really want to put money down on it, i just wanted a temp fix while my 360 is off getting rehabilitated from a severe case of red ring


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