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Thread: best loader for kids

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    best loader for kids

    From the polls, it seems cfg and gx are the clear leaders in popularity. I've been using GX for quite some time and it works well except it can be a hassle with new games at times. My 7yo daughter is a whiz with it and the interface is great for her.

    But, now I'm doing a second one (for a 7yo and 10yo) and also contemplating switching to fat32 for the drive. I see that GX has some issues with fat32 and, among other things, I'm afraid I would break games in getting GX to work with fat32.

    So, everyone says that cfg pretty much works with everything. I looked at a cfg gui video on you tube that seemed interesting. Not sure how it would play with the kids (good or bad).

    Any thoughts out there? Will the kids be okay with cfg? Or should I just stay with wbfs and gx?

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    fat32 and cfg if you use a good theme its the same point at the game and press A to play

    if your really want the gx like gui but want to swap to fat32 you can also use wiiflow same as cfg but has this theme Black & White - WiiFloWiki


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