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Thread: Confused....Is this Wii now useless?

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    Confused....Is this Wii now useless?

    I don't know too many details so this may be kind of broad.

    My friend told me his Wii was useless so I told him I would take a look at it. He got it modded (doesn't know what kind of mod. He did it last year sometime) and decided to delete the mod. But instead of doing it the proper way he deleted the files off of his Wii.

    Now when I turn on the Wii I get a message at the main screen saying "Hacks not found" and a few other things. The Wii looks find but won't connect to the internet or recognize any discs.

    Is this Wii bricked or is there so hope to fixing this? I have all day tomorrow to mess around with it if someone can point me in the right direction.



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    I've moved this to the bricked forum so you get exposure to the right people. Whether it's bricked or not the guys here can help you better for the issues you do have than the forum you posted in.

    Hacks not found is a Priiloader message. I assume you're getting that when you select System Menu Hacks from a black or white screen with a column of text? (that's priiloader) If so you need to grab the right hacks.ini for that Wii's system menu and place it in sd:\

    If you're getting disc read error it could be a number of things. Check if there are any objects stuck in the drive (shake the wii or disassemble to look). If not, could be a dirty lens, could be a bad lens. Might be a faulty drive ribbon cable. Need more info.

    Need more info on the wifi issue as well. What message is it telling you that it won't connect? Did you accept the user agreements and turn WC24 on?
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    i wrote down some info today.

    when i power it on i get this...

    couldn't find hacks.ini
    neither on FAT or NAND

    when i try to update it i get a 34002 error

    when i put a disc in (original store bought disc) it just keeps spinning but nothing happens.

    do you think this is a bricked wii or perhaps there's something wrong with it?

    i appreciate the help by the way.

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    sounds like priiloader is installed (the hacks.ini not found, error updating)
    maybe the drive is bad?
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