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Thread: Corrupted Files????

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    Question Corrupted Files????

    Ok, I have been modding for some time now and here recently I have had to do some 4.3 systems. The modds go just fine. I use the guide that is provided here at WiiHacks. The problem is a couple of the Wiis are having problems with on startup giving System Files are Corrupt page. It goes away if you shut the wii down and remove the SD card. Is there any reason why they are doing this. Any help would be great. I am just afraid of them bricking. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hey me too! wtf, i had a perfect system played all the games that i have and installed a bunch of guitar hero, rockband, etc... musich games. All loaded with cIOS 222-223 and worked great! I usually use wiiflow, loaded with correct ios then... all games work... running through to make sure all games load... then restart to wii system menu and... "corruption system files refer to your wii manual" Krank you got an answer ? I will give a syschk now to see if you see anything.

    Sometimes you just wanna [Fail]! I 99.9% figure it out but this "corruption system files refer to your wii manual" message keeps popping up, I am heated! please help all mighty gods of AMAZING WORK! just frustrated can't figure it out on my own!
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    This has been relocated to the bricked forum. Be sure you both have read the stickies in this section.
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