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Thread: 3DS games could be up to 8GB

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    3DS games could be up to 8GB

    Recently Nintendo contacted a Taiwanese company to create the Nintendo 3DS' cartridges that could hold up to 8GB in space.

    Almost 2 times a Wii single layer game and 16 times a Nintendo DS game.

    Previously Nintendo said that the 3DS' games were going to be 2GB in space. But looks like some things have changed.

    However, not every game might be 8GB there hopefully be some 2GB games.

    Source- gamrade

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    A cart that holds 8GB worth of data, wow. Remember when the N64 was out, and the price of the games was higher than the playstation games because of the cartridges costing more to produce than that of the CD's for the playstation. Hopefully they found a way to lower the cost of producing cartridges.


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