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Thread: Wiikey 2 not found by config disk 1.3

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    Wiikey 2 not found by config disk 1.3

    I installed a Wiikey 2 (see picture below), saw the red/blue lights flash, then booted a Wiikey 2 config v1.3 disk and got the following message:

    "Sorry, Wiikey 2 not found"

    Original games run fine. I'm in the process of downloading a backup game to test if the modchip is doing what it should be doing.

    In the meantime, I opened it back up, checked the wiring and everything looks OK and checks out on the ohm-meter. Can someone please tell me if I have a clone or authentic Wiikey 2? I'm not happy that I can't get the config disk to work - no updates, no access to settings. Just for laughs, I put in a Wiikey 1.99beta disk and it started to do something until it hung on an error. Did I somehow end up with a Wiikey 1? I'd really like to get this working since I paid good money for this chip.

    [D2A driver, 4.3u firmware]

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    UPDATE: I put in a backup copy of Epic Mickey and the Disc Channel shows a Wii System Update icon. I dared not open it for fear of bricking my Wii (4.3U) and possible out of region update in this backup. I'm running NTSC region 1 and this backup is supposedly the same but I cannot verify it.

    From the threads I've read here, I did everything according to convention:
    1. Install Wiikey 2
    2. Run region owned disk to lock in region
    3. Run Config disk to update firmware and access settings ...

    Am I missing something? Any help is deeply appreciated!!


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