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Thread: Can you get a virus rom surfing the internet with thw Wii?

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    Can you get a virus rom surfing the internet with thw Wii?

    We all know you can get spyware, trojans, malware, viruses and more just by simply browsing the internet, downloading files and even just looking at a website can get you pc infected. SO, if you are browsing the net with your wii, what is to stop you from getting your wii infected by a virus? Is this possible?

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    Is this a december fools?

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    No, it was just a simple question? Can a wii get a virus from the internet?

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    no you cant its to do with the way oprea works i beleive

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    Asides from the way Opera works, it would be pretty hard for a functional 'virus' for the Wii. First, the maker would have to find an exploit that runs in Opera itself (All other exploits such as bannerbomb don't), then they'd have to maybe code something (such as a boot.dol) to do something to your Wii (delete sys files), etc. Alot of trouble just to do something that they wouldn't gain anything from (the Wii doesn't store as much sensitive information as a PC would)

    Sort of like how there was an exploit in iPhones that when opening .PDFs in mobile safari made it possible to run unsigned code.

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    What about cIOSCrap and PimpMyWii?
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