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Thread: Configurable USB Loader Game List Views

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    Question Configurable USB Loader Game List Views

    Hi All,

    A quick question I hope someone out there can help (I am probably being dumb)

    The themes on CFG USB L. show a carousel type layout with one large image in the middle.
    I.E crazy4wiisosv10.jpg

    But when I download the themes they always default to a 2x6 slightly tilted layout

    An I can't work out how to get the other view. please help.

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    just push down or up on the D-PAD on the wiimote to change the look of the covers
    and also don't forget to save settings by pressing 1,1,2 on the wiimote

    remember settings will only save if you have Configurable USB Loader booting off a forwarder channel

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    Thx, I knew it would be something simple.

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    You can choose your default gui/layout in the cfgloaderconfigurator.exe. To choose the layout you like and to lock that layout.. Just change these to setting to..

    gui_style = coverflow3d
    gui_lock = 1

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