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Thread: Help... My memory is full

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    Cool Help... My memory is full

    Ok. So I have modded many a wii without a hitch. This one was going good but I have been overly busy, down with the flu and lost two friends so I didnt pay much attention that I had all my wads in the wad folder when installing the mod pack. My mistake and a rookie one.
    Anyways it filled up my memory so now every time I lauch system menu I get a pop up saying my memory is full use data management to delete but that didnt work. I can't get into homebrew or wad manager to delete a bunch of wads I dont need.
    Can anyone help. Did not get Priiloader installed.
    Can I use the game hack to get back to hack mii? Can I some how launch wad manager from SD?
    Thanks in advance
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    you can't get into hbc? you said you could...
    what shows up in data management when you go there?
    is bootmii installed as boot2?
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    No, sorry I edited it. I cannot get to HBC. When I edited my data mangement I cleared it. All games and saves gone. Still says zero blocks left. I cannot figure out how to get to wad manager if the sytem wont even let me see the sytem menu to lauch HBC or bootmii. I did make a back up but since my boot mi is an IOS and not Bootmii2 I am told im screwed. A forever bricked wii that tunrs on perfectly til that little popup saying Im full on system memory.

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    So I could never get past the issue with a full memory. At last resort I reformated my Wii and completly wiped it clean. It in turn put me down to 4.2 and I had an easier mod after all..
    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.


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