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Thread: First Wii Game With Online Play Wii Pokemon Battle

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    First Wii Game With Online Play Wii Pokemon Battle

    Hoping to release June 25th is Pokemon Battle Revolution, and it’s about damn time that we get some online battles.

    Excitingly, one can bring his or her Diamond or Pearl Pokemon from the DS versions and use them on Revolution, wirelessly using the DS as a controller supporting full touch functionality. And, you can bring them online here if you get tired of battling online in 2D.

    But the big hook here is that you don’t need to exchange friend codes here - there is full online matchmaking planned, so you’ll be moving up in the ranks (or if you suck, down in the ranks) this Summer.

    Good luck out there when this deuce drops.

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    Lol. In a sad, but kind of funny way. I totally agree. There’s nothing like kick some n00bs butt with Pokemon....GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL...

    I just hope the online play is fun, and there won’t be bugs that allow cheating.

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    I think thats going to be a problem with modchips as games can be patched i would think to cheat....


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