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Thread: ERROR 204036 When trying to install Netflix from Shop Channel

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    ERROR 204036 When trying to install Netflix from Shop Channel

    I have scoured the forums and have tried troubleshooting on my own but I cannot find a solution!!! I have a Netflix disc which still works, but the interface has been updated on the Shop Channel version of netflix, nor do I want to have to use the disc all the time. It would be nice to have a channel installed on my wii menu. I have tried any title deleter to get rid of all old netflix files and still no luck! any suggestions?

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    can you download anything at all from the shop channel?
    or is just netflix giving you problems?
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    I don't really have a use for anything else on the shop channel. I guess i can try downloading the nintendo channel to see if it lets me download other content. I wouldn't mind using the netflix disc each time except that the new netflix channel is updated and has more feature than the disc. if anyone has solved a similar issue any help is appreciated! thanks. i'll try downloading something else thats free to see what i get...

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    I decided to just bite the bullet and re-format, this solved the issue as i had expected.

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    As user found a solution to his problem (note: formatting your Wii is discouraged in 99% of the cases), thread closed --- glad you got it sorted.


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