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Thread: Low Level Brick SaveMii?

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    Low Level Brick SaveMii?

    Hey, I bricked my Wii a while back by "attempting"! to downgrade from firmware 4.2 to 3.2. I have heard that it is possible that a SaveMii chip could help solve the problem? Can anyone please tell me if this is possible?

    ps. I stupidly decided against installing BootMii or Preloader....i know.. it wont happen again!

    Thanks in advance

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    how old is the wii?
    did you install the system menu ios before installing the 3.2 system menu?
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    hmm - about 2 years old or slightly less (honestly cant remember!) and yes I think I did

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    I doubt there is anything you can do. If you bricked while installing a System Menu then you most likely had a stubbed version of the required System IOS or it didn't exist at all. You have to a System Menu with it's functioning System IOS installed in oder to use Savemii.

    Your only chance is if your Wii is old enough to have a vulnerable Boot1. If it is then you can have Boot2 flashed in it with a programmer such as an Infectus.

    Look here and see if your serial number is on the list.

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    ahh ok - Iv left my wii at work (we were trying to do something with it) so will check the list later thank you It doesnt sound like SaveMii is going to work then? shame :/
    Instead of buying a new Wii altogether - I would assume that fitting a new motherboard would get me going again? If so I'll probably go with that!

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    Just to be sure you can try the SaveMiiFrii method if you have a Gamecube controller. Look here.


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