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Thread: Best USB HDD loader Sofware for Wii

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    Talking Best USB HDD loader Sofware for Wii

    I'm just posting this to ask what USB HDD loader software have people had the least problems with? I've been using USB loader GX for a little while and it's given me nothing but headaches.

    Apreciate your answers!

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    this is pretty much opinion...
    but...cfg usb loader!!! or wiiflow
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    Not sure what this has to do with PC software. Moved to the backup loaders section.

    We have two polls on this, one newer and one older:

    Please make a post in the Introduce Yourself forum.
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    sorry for putting this in the wrong section

    Sorry for putting this in the wrong section. I thought this was a section for Wii software i.e usb loaders. I noticed the wii hdd section specifically states HARD MODS ONLY so I figured I shouldn't put this there because it's a softmod really. I dunno.... but thank you for those polls


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