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Thread: hellow from the northern iceburg

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    hellow from the northern iceburg

    hello everyone, im new to all this WII modding but have to admit im having more fun than stress, so i keep coming back. it would be bad form not to say something to all the folks here, so here i go.

    im living in the state called Maine. currently its kinda cold, and after living here so long i should be used to it, but as I am an old curmudgeon and sarcastic ol'fool i just cant help myself but gripe once and awhile. being somewhat a compassionate 'dude', i really do feel for all those Canadians - how do they do it? j/k you know i luv ya.

    i bought my WII used which was already modded. i had no idea what all that stuff was. somehow, by way of internet searching magic i found out, and stumbled into this wicked site. I must say there aren't many sites for tutorials I go besides coming right here.

    at first i was a bit angry that the kid I bought this WII from was modding it - and didnt tell me, but now - what can i tell you, im addicted. because of the things the previous own did has actualy made my modding easier, and kept the learning curve down for me. most things were already done (as to my ideal setup), and for the most part all i have been doing is upgrading mod apps figuring out limitations of those apps compared to what i want to do etc.

    the tutorials on this site are very good, and very easy to follow, so what's not to like about that. i do feel strange being so old on a site most likely infested with young whipper-snappers, but in my day i can remember playing quake2 clan turniments against 60 year old men (not kidding) - who were untouchable frag-misters - how humiliating.

    i have a three budz who are now working for Blizzard, ive worked for Microsoft, and tought computer science for a few semesters at the same university i bought that modded WII. iv owned my own companies, programming, and web dev stuff through the years too. iv even cut wood go figure living in maine, and am currently for 'sawbucks' (money), a luthier.

    looking forward to more learning as i read, and read, and do some more reading. then im sure to bug the stuffing out of the ops and everyone else with my own noob questions. also id really love to learn enough to help others out and become a contributing member.

    did i miss anything? let me know.
    thanks for reading.

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    Hello Ed


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