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    Hi there

    System update to 4.3

    A while ago I softmodded my Wii and it now has System 4.2u on it. My wife got mad at me and made me take off the stuff I had added (WiiFlow and HBC). I deleted the channels using the Wii system menus.

    I recently bought Dance Dance Revolution, and it needs me to do a System Upgrade. I cannot do an upgrade either from disc (it is on the disc) or via WiFi. When I start up the Wii after powering down I see HomeBrew Channel listed on the startup menu, together with BootMii, so it looks like it didn't get erased properly.

    Any ideas how I can clean up my Wii so I can get the latest System Updates, and play my games? I don't care about softmods getting wiped. Most of the posts I have read argue against updating to 4.3, but I don't seem to be able to play this game without it.

    I had contacted Nintendo support and they told me that my warranty is void if I have softmodded . I thought you had to have a mod-chip to void your warranty.


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    Hello Normski

    A common mistake is for people to think that a game needs the newer system menu to play the newer games but this is un-true. The latest system menus 4.2 and 4.3 were designed to kill HB and that is it. If you want to virginise your wii because you are getting to much jip from the wife then have a look at this thread HERE.


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