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Thread: Need help updating softmod

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    Need help updating softmod

    I have the following set-up on my Wii.

    Wii Version 4.2E

    Homebrew Version - 1.08 IOS61 V21.29
    Priloader - Version - V.0.3
    CIOS222 Installer v4 - Version 3
    CIOS38r14 Installer - Version rev 14
    DOP - IOS MOP - Version v9
    Neogamma - Version R8 Beta 15
    USB Loader - Version 1
    Wad Manager - Version 1.4

    The story..........

    I installed the HBC channel probably about 8/9 months ago using guides etc from here, everything worked great - the only amendment I made was to do with (wads i think) for SMBros - anyway it worked.

    I have not done any updating to the HBC since then and all my games have run great.

    Last 3 weeks my 11 year old son has been playing with it on his own (for first time alone) and I fear he has done something in terms of updates (is internet connected) - it wont play now any back-up games at all.

    All back-up games were disk burned on DVD-R and loaded using Neogamma without problems.

    Original games still work fine through the normal loader (top left) just not back-ups.

    Can anyone advise if:

    a) There has been a HBC mod I need to update to?
    b) Wii update needed (getting prompted to update wii system from N!ntendo)?
    c) CIOS/Wads need updating
    d) It looks like something is corrupted
    e) I need to re-install HBC - If so, How?

    Would really appreciate some help on this if anyone can give me a heads up.

    I dont want to start messing about in case of bricking the wii.


    Thanks in advance



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    moved your that thread was on how to post a syscheck not for help...

    follow either softmod any wii guide - by mauifrog or the guide linked in my sig...

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    Multiple threads about the same issue is against the rules, thread closed. You have been given the correct answer in your other thread.


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