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Thread: Cant Update to 4.1 Firmware! ERROR! (ret = -106)

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    Cant Update to 4.1 Firmware! ERROR! (ret = -106)

    Got a 3.3E wii, almost done modding it using the 'dogeggs' tutorial.

    At the part to update to 4.1 and the wad provided doesnt work, just giving the message ERROR! (ret = -106).

    I tried downloading the 'Wanikoko' 4.1 system menu update and it gets to the end of installing on the wii and then the same ERROR! (ret = -106) message appears.

    Any Ideas brothers and sisters?

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    install the ios60patched first

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    You sure that's not -116 rather than 106? There's an Error Index for a lot of these codes.

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    I went back to try install ios60-patched.wad and its giving me error ret= 1022.

    According to the error list this means the sd card is corrupt or full. I tried re-formatting it but still the error remains.

    Any ideas Brothers and Sisters?

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    which sd card are you using?

    2gb sandisk are recommended

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