Today I decided to update cios249. I'm not 100% sure which version I had before but I think it was one of rev14-rev18. I used Waninkoko's cIOSX rev20b installer and installed using IOS 57 as a base. It installed successfully, however when I went to use USB Loader GX it said that my WBFS was not recognized. I thought this was strange as I have been successfully using the same WBFS drive with USB Loader GX for the past couple months. I then thought that maybe there was a problem with rev20, so I installed rev19 using IOS 57 as a base. Successful installation, however the same problem was happening. I also checked the games that I had made channels for using Loadstructor, and the WBFS drive again was not recognized. I am running 4.2u, if that may have an effect.