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Thread: softmodding my 4.2 U what? help please

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    softmodding my 4.2 U what? help please

    Hello everyone! first of all, thank you all in advance that decide to take their time and effort to assist me.

    I have a 4.2 U Wii with a GC2-DMS dvd Drive.

    I have read a guide on this website about how to accomplish the task of Soft modding this Wii.

    My questions are that,

    To begin the Softmodding process, Do i need SANDISK SD card? or can i use a PNY 1 GB SD?

    ALso, could i use a Micro SD SANDISK 2 GB, attached to a SANDISK Micro SD adapter?

    What are the PROS about Softmodding my Wii?
    . Will i be able to play ALL ORIGINAL titles after softmodding my system?
    . WIll i be able to play Backups of NEWER TITLES? both through DVD and USB?
    . If i want to backup my Wii games onto a USB flash Drive, will a 8GB do?
    or am i better off getting a 16 GB?

    ALso, what are the CONS? apart from running the risk of Bricking my system?

    PLease if anyone can help me out, i would HIGHLY appreciate it! thank you very much

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    No need for you to open another thread.


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